New iPhone 8 Leak Shuts Down Worst Rumor, Hints At Most Wanted Features

By Donna Bellevue , Apr 28, 2017 04:30 AM EDT

A new Apple iPhone 8 leak shows an unverified schematic of the back panel with no cut-out for a fingerprint sensor. Hopefully, this indicates that the tech giant is going to launch the upcoming iPhone with an under-screen fingerprint reader working. Additionally, the video showed the dual camera lenses we’ve heard so much about, and a hint at one of the most wanted iPhone feature: a wireless charging pad.

That’s one of the other features that’s long been rumored for the iPhone 8. However, this is the first schematic that hints at its possibility. In the video, it appears that there's a big wireless charging pad on the rear of the device, while the Touch ID fingerprint sensor is nowhere to be seen.

It has been rumored in the last few weeks that Apple's iPhone 8 will have a relocated Touch ID fingerprint sensor. According to Trusted Reviews, reports about a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor has been continually shut down, so this is no surprise. This would eventually let the iPhone maker keep Touch ID, which is a tremendous necessity in any new flagship smartphone.

The latest plan also shows that Touch ID is possible without compromising the all-screen design the tech giant is pushing for. According to BGR, even if this new schematic delays the iPhone 8 launch for months, buyers would still be very interested in it. As with the wireless charging, this feature definitely is a plus for the upcoming handset.

The latest Apple iPhone schematic leak might still all be just speculation at this point. It's also important to note that the tech giant has mocked up hundreds of different designs for weeks, and the latest one isn't a confirmation of anything yet. Still, there are only a few months left until any kind of reveal, and Apple is likely to be testing a number of different prototypes at this point.

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