'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Coco Will Send Sally To Jail But Thomas Will Have Doubts About Their Family's Intent; Ridge Wins Brooke Back

Things are getting intense on "The Bold and the Beautiful" episodes. Coco is torn between helping the Forresters and keeping Sally updated about the rough time she is about to encounter. Likewise, Thomas is already having doubts about his family's intention on wanting to persecute Sally. Meanwhile, Billy's patience finally paid off but Ridge is not going to accept his loss and will try to get a second chance from Brooke.

The April 28 spoilers for "The Bold and the Beautiful" suggests that Coco is battling with her will as she is caught in a difficult spot between the Forresters and Spectra. A sneak peek shows Coco declaring that she cannot go behind Sally's back and intends to inform her what is about to go down. She might have been hurt by Sally's betrayal that apparently cost her her job, but she wants to take the risk to allow the latter to prepare a countermeasure.

Elsewhere, Thomas is seen having doubts about locking up Sally in jail. He believes that they are taking the wrong path and although he felt devastated to see their designs on Spectra's runway, he still has feelings for Sally. Thomas then advises about the charges they are about to pin down on Sally but Ridge and Steffy are left outraged. Thomas will then be reminded by Steffy about the pains he suffered from in the past because of his ex-lover.

Meanwhile, Nicole will feel sorry for Coco for facing a lot of pressure because of the stolen designs. She believes that Coco is just a victim and defends her from the Forresters who are making her pay the price of Sally's crime.

When the next "The Bold and the Beautiful" episode goes down, fans might see Sally facing the consequences of having stolen the Forresters' designs. She will be meeting with Lt. Baker and her arrest is looming just around the corner. While she finally realizes how her pursuit of success ends up destroying her, it might already be too late as spoilers claim that her arrest will go down in the new episode.

Sally's arrest might have become the focus of "The Bold and the Beautiful" but there are also intriguing things happening between Bill, Brooke, and Ridge. The favors of Brooke have now turned into Bill. The two are now set to get married but Ridge comes back to beg for a second chance.

Spoilers for the upcoming "The Bold and the Beautiful" episode also reveal that Ridge will lay down his intentions to Brooke as he tells her how he is willing to wait for her even if she is already committed to someone. It is believed that Brooke's expression tells how she was moved by Ridge's confession and might see the bride-to-be having doubts and running back to the man behind the Forrester Creation Empire's success.

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