US Marines Robot Soldiers And 'Hypersubs' Storm Beaches During War Demo

The United States Marines are testing soldier robots armed with machine guns and 'Hypersubs' for the past two weeks at Camp Pendleton, in California. They developed the technology in preparation for a high-tech beach invasion with the aim to reduce soldier mortality. New weapons such as machine gun-carrying robots that storm the beaches as first assault team, and speedboats that instantly change into small stealthy submarines to avoid detection.

The Navy and Marine Corps have been secretly testing around 50 new warfare technologies in the Ship-to-Shore Maneuver Exploration and Experimentation Advanced Naval Technology Exercise 2017. The technology aims to change ground combat from being profoundly gunpowder-reliant to smart weapons-reliant. Since countries like China has just revealed that they are expanding and advancing their naval capabilities rapidly, the US wants to retain its seat as being the supreme naval power.

The announcement of the existence of US Marines robot soldiers and 'Hypersubs' Terrorists is an important step to maintaining Naval Supremacy. According to Fox News, the Marines plan to continue identifying and exploring new technologies, transition them rapidly to the force to act as deterrents of war, and also to reduce danger level to the lives of the Marines in future conflicts.They are also taking advantage of the accessibility and cheap price point of basic unmanned drones armed with explosive material.

A possible war scenario in the 21st Century would start with a group of vehicles called HyperSubs, which would be first sent into any risky beach mission. According to Blasting News, these machines would then perform reconnaissance of the beach defenses. These speedboats and submarines combo vehicles would approach the shore ahead of the invasion fleet to scan defenses and gather needed intelligence for the best next move.

Since clearing out of a fortified beach or urban position is the most dangerous mission, robot soldiers and other hi-tech vehicles could effectively spare the lives of human soldiers. Autonomous or remote controlled robots are highly acceptable collateral damage. If these machines are destroyed in a war, they do not leave widows and orphans.

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