These Death Tollways In America Will Make You Serious About Auto Safety

Geotab, a global fleet company based in Canada, revealed that four of the top five death tollways in America are located in Florida. They based this conclusion on a study they conducted about the fatal car crashes that occurred on America's tollways. Motorists should make themselves aware of these tollways, as it would give deeper meaning to the word "auto safety."

Number One Most Dangerous Stretch Is U.S. 1

According to a recent report, the top slot in these death tollways in America belongs to Florida's U.S.-1. Otherwise known as the George Parks Highway, this 544-mile stretch of smooth blacktop has taken the lives of more motorists than other tollways in the United States. In Geotab's study over the last 10 years, this asphalt running has claimed the lives of approximately four motorists per year.

With 1,011 fatal crashes, which resulted in 1,079 deaths, U.S.-1 in Florida is indeed the deadliest among the death tollways in America. It runs along the east coast of Florida and cuts through 13 counties. By spreading this information, motorists who are forced to take US-1 in going to their destination will be more "auto safety" aware.

Here Are The Other Top Four Dangerous Highways In Florida

Coming up second in the list of the top death tollways in America is U.S. 41, also in Florida, specifically in Tampa. This highway stretch claimed the lives of 772 people out of 714 fatal car crashes over the last decade, according to Geotab. Bringing up the third slot is U.S. 27 also in Florida. Over the last 10 years, this highway has seen 529 fatal crashes that caused the death of 614 people.

Rounding up the top four deadly tollways in America is U.S. 441, also in Florida. There were 417 fatal crashes resulting in 442 deaths in this highway stretch over the last decade. Data from the Federal Highway Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration were used in the study.

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