New Overwatch Leaks May Hint At These Special New Maps

By Alessia Amherst , May 01, 2017 05:33 AM EDT

Aside from new heroes, game designer Jeff Kaplan has already shared that Overwatch will also be getting some new maps this year. After a recent leak, it seems like one of these maps might be in either the jungle or space.

Strange Audio Files Found Through Datamining

Blizzard has already claimed that it is working on three new standard maps for the game, which will all hopefully release later this year. The developer already stated that these said maps are already in the final stages of development and fans might have just discovered what they are modeled after. According to PCGamesN, some players have been trying their best to datamine the first-person shooter and have discovered some interesting audio files.

These audio files date back to June 2016 with most of them already added to the game since the release of Sombra, the Summer Games and more. However, it is worth noting that some of these files are still absent from the game. While still uncertain, there is a chance that these hint at future events or maps.

Themes For New Maps In Overwatch?

Most of these clips seem to have to do something with space, which is no surprise as the game has already established the Horizon Lunar Colony. This was even featured during an animated short featuring Winston's backstory and how he decided to recall the heroes in the game.

On the other hand, PVPLive also shares a few other sounds that fit some sort of jungle theme. The game has yet to establish anything under the said category but Blizzard is open to adding places from all around the world. These sounds replicate a roar, loud purring, and even a sinister snake hissing.

For now, fans will just have to wait for further information regarding new maps that are coming to the game. Until then, fans can enjoy the Overwatch Uprising event, which lasts until May 2. Similarly, they can also partake in the Heroes of the Storm challenge to earn an exclusive Genji and D.Va skin.

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