Nissan’s New Design Chief On Following A Legend's Path; Ex-CEO Tries To Save Mitsubishi

One of Nissan's new leaders, Alfonso Albaisa, opens up on being the new design chief and how it is following the footsteps of his mentor, Shiro Nakamura. Meanwhile, Nissan Motors' former CEO, Carlos Ghosn is reportedly going lengths to help Mitsubishi from a threatening financial collapse.

Alfonso Albaisa Wants Casual Collaboration

It has been a while since Nissan gave Alfonso Albaisa the position of being its company's automobile design chief. Albaisa has admitted that his job has been intimidating especially when he has big shoes to fill in. Shiro Nakamura is well known for leading the design for Nissan since 1999 after Carlos Ghosn brought him from Isuzu and has been part of the automaker's big history.

Being Nissan's first non-Japanese design chief, Albaisa respects the Japanese thought in their car designs but he is also pondering on how the Western community has made an impact on the designs. Albaisa will be managing hundreds of designs all over the world and he has revealed that he will lean on a different approach that will deviate from Nissan's usual creative process. His ideas were already showing up when he redecorated the formal meeting room, replacing everything with comfortable sofas because he wants to encourage casual collaboration of ideas.

Carlos Ghosn To Save Mitsubishi Just Like He Did With Nissan

After stepping down as CEO of Nissan Motors in April 2017, Ghosn remained chairman of the said company. He spearheaded the revival of Nissan in October 1999 that helped the company to get back on its feet. Now that he controls 34 percent stake in Mitsubishi Motors, he will be saving a company again that is at the edge of going down.

Ghosn said to Business Insider that he will be dedicating his time in reviving Mitsubishi Motors. He added that this is needed "in order to steer Mitsubishi back to normal development and support their team." He revealed that they did not think long before they decided an alliance with Mitsubishi Motors because it was a company they have worked with so long and they'd help to bring it back on track.

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