The Nintendo 2DS XL Is Nothing More Than A Cheaper 3DS

By Edge Ison , May 01, 2017 08:35 AM EDT

Those who think that the newly announced Nintendo 2DS XL may hinder the Switch's growth have nothing to worry about. Simply put, the 2DS XL is not a threat to the Switch. It is, however, a 3DS killer.

Ever since Nintendo abruptly announced the 2DS XL, many have wondered what its effect would be on existing Nintendo devices. While the Switch will certainly survive owing to its hybrid persona, hype and overall awesomeness, the Nintendo 3DS sadly does not share the same fortune. Not that it actually matters.

As Forbes made clear, it's quite happy to see the beleaguered handheld console go. Once the Nintendo 2DS XL is released on July 28, experts believe the 3DS will die a natural death. This is possible because of one main reason: the Nintendo 2DS XL is just a more affordable version of the 3DS. With the keyword being "more affordable," prospective buyers will likely choose the cheaper of the two. The Nintendo 2DS XL will sell for only $149.99. In comparison, the 3DS XL is worth $250.

The price is not the only factor why the Nintendo 2DS XL is seen as a 3DS killer. Its design is far better, as well. It adopts the clamshell look of previous DS devices (excluding the 2DS) but is made sturdier to appeal more to parents of children who have a penchant for dropping and throwing things. As Pocket-lint noted, the 2DS XL also comes with a stylus, microSD card slot for additional storage, and a 4G card. The 2DS XL also has a 4.88-inch top screen and a 4.18-inch lower screen.

As surprising as Nintendo's announcement may be, this only proves that there is still a market for such a platform. The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that caters both to the home and portable console market. The Nintendo 2DS XL is a simple handheld game console that, apparently, is still in demand particularly in the younger demographic.

This is quite logical from a parent standpoint. Why buy a child, who has yet to fully grasp the concept of taking good care of an expensive thing, an expensive thing such as a Nintendo Switch when you can settle with a far cheaper Nintendo 2DS XL. It serves the same purpose (keep the child entertained) at a cheaper price. The adults, meanwhile, can get a Switch for themselves. In other words, there is indeed a market for both platforms.

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