Robot Wars: China's Megabot Challenger Wants To Fight In World's First Robot Battle

A couple of years back, USA and Japan agreed to have a MegaBot duel in the world's first robot war this coming August. This year, China makes things more interesting as it unveils its very own giant fighting robot. The third robot challenger, dubbed the Monkey King, has made it clear that China wants to take part in this huge robot event.

Pending approval from the MegaBots, the California-based startup that heads the monster robot battles, the Monkey King might take on the firm's own megabot once the dust settles after the first robot brawl. It will fight against America's MegaBot Mark III, which is created by MegaBots, and then Japan's Kuratas if it receives the go signal. The world’s only three giant robotic human-controlled fighting machines are sure going to have a big, loud, brutal robot-fight.

As of now, little information is known of Greatmetal’s MegaBot challenger Monkey King machine from China. However, both its promo video and recently published pics all point to the possibility that it may be able to crush MegaBots’ robot warrior. Unveiled over the weekend at an event at the Beijing National Stadium, the metal monkey monster is capable of fighting standing up or on all fours.

According to Jalopnik, the Chinese giant robot warrior is equipped with a handy skill that could certainly make things tricky for rivals. It can fight with a staff, which would certainly make for an awesome robot battle spectacle. However, as of now, only USA's Mark III and Japan's Kuratas are confirmed to fight this August.

According to Digital Trends, the world's first robot war would have taken place years ago, but it has been found that the pilot for MegaBot's Mark II could likely die in any robot brawl.  So the match was postponed as the MegaBot modified their giant fighting robot into a more pilot-friendly Mark III. It will go head to head with Suidobashi Heavy Industry’s Kuratas after years of strengthening their respective robots, confident that both teams can comfortably withstand heavy metal strikes in the technicals.

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