Code Vein: Will It Be Another Dark Souls Game?

By Kim Chan , May 02, 2017 10:45 AM EDT

Last month, Bandai Namco revealed its upcoming game set for this year's release, Code Vein - the "futuristic vampire RPG," or so they say. However, it seems that today's trailer release was met with mix criticisms by fans rooting for the upcoming RPG. Here's why.

Code Vein: Trailer Release

Bandai Namco released the latest trailer for Code Vein today (as shown below) and it shows some cutscenes and gameplay of the highly anticipated, vampire RPG. Many lauded the game for its surreal visuals - which will undoubtedly complement PS4's HDR and 4K support. However, some fans also pointed out the similarity of Code Vein and the popular dungeon crawler, Dark Souls - something that's contrary to what the developers have stated in the past.

Code Vein: Another Dark Souls?

Initially dubbed as "Tonight We Dine," Code Vein was thought of as a direct copycat of Dark Souls. However, developers of the game (the same group that leads the development of God Eater) pointed out that the title is nothing more than a nod to the franchise and that Code Vein offers an entirely new world to the fans - "A dramatic exploration hardcore RPG." However, with today's teaser trailer, it seems that the game has a lot of similarities to the Dark Souls franchise - with the battle system being that of clear evidence (except that it's much darker and there's a lot of blood).

It's worth noting that Dark Souls has a lot of player base and Code Vein, as stated by TheVerge, could potentially tap into its growing community. Despite the developers brushing the idea of their title being a lot similar to the Dark Souls franchise, it's undeniably clear that the team has taken notes from the franchise. Nonetheless, Code Vein could very well be the 2017's mega hit for the RPG genre.  

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