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LG G6 Tips And Tricks: How To Unlock Hidden Features

By Edge Ison , May 03, 2017 05:40 AM EDT

One of the top smartphones that has hit the market this 2017 is the LG G6. It comes with a variety of features that make it one of the best in the field so far. However, there are some features of the phone that not everyone is aware of. Below are some hidden features of the LG G6.

Customized Font

LG G6 users can change the text font and its size. All they need to do is go to the Settings tab, tap on Display, and look for the Font section. There, the user can customize the font type (Roboto, LG Smart, KindGothic, and so on), font size (from Extra Small to Huge), and even Bold the text.

Split Keyboard

The keyboard of the LG G6 can be split in two for better and faster typing. This is possible by accessing the feature in the Settings menu. Once activated, the screen can be split in half just by pinching out with two fingers when the screen is in landscape mode.

Knock, Knock

A fun hidden feature of the LG G6 is the ability to wake it up with a knock. The KnockOn can be enabled by going to Settings, Display, More and then KnockOn. Once there, simply turn the switch to on.

Blue Light

As Tech Radar noted, the LG G6 is not the only device that can control blue light. What makes the G6 stand out is how easy it is to reduce the blue light especially when it's about time to hit the sack. Go to Settings>Display>Comfort view to turn the feature on. Users can also choose from three levels of blue light reduction.

Square Shots

As Android Pit pointed out, LG G6 users can test their creativity using the phone's square camera. It can take square 1:1 ratio photographs that are similar to those produced by Lomography's Diana analog cameras. Users can create GIFs, compile images, and do other tasks with this hidden feature.

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