UFO sighted over haunted barn: Quick, call Mulder and Scully

Snapped photo of an unidentified flying object (UFO). A camera not working after taking the picture. Baffled witnesses and authorities. Every detail of the story sound as if Mulder and Scully of the X-Files are working on a case and trying to track aliens paying Earth a visit.

However, this is true. An alleged flying saucer was spotted and photographed over a historic, haunted barn in Southern California on May 7.

Ellen Henry of the Santee Historical Society (SHS) based in San Diego shared how she was taking pictures of the Edgemoor Barn when she caught a cigar-shaped flying object hovering on the background.

"I was at the Edgemoor property, in the middle of the day, to take pics of the barn to update the SHS barn logo. I was constantly looking up and around the area, including the sky's background, so I can get it just right, and not at anytime did I see anything in the sky or heard a sound of an aircraft," Henry detailed her experience in an interview.

After capturing the shots, Henry realized that her camera caught something else. She noticed a "speck" on the screen of her camera and only realized that it was something else when she uploaded the images to her computer.

"I was like what was it doing there? Why was it there? What was it doing? And I said, the next time I come here, the barn will be beamed up," she added in fright and amusement when interviewed by 10News.

Henry also noted that her camera stopped working after taking the picture.

Although it is the first time to see something mysterious hovering in the skies near the barn that was constructed back in 1913, there are a lot of spooky stories about the location.

According to the SHS, they have heard of ghost sightings at the Edgemoor Barn and these have drawn some paranormal investigators to flock to the old building to seek for answers.

"We think someone's come into the barn and we get up to look, and no one is there," shared SHS president Elaine Murphy.

The barn now serves as a museum and just celebrated its 100th anniversary. It was once part of a hospital where many have died. The facility was demolished leaving the barn erected.

The barn is also located in an area where many flights cross the skies. The UFO could be just another civilian airplane or a military drone. The nearby Marine Corps Air Station Miramar and the Gillespie Field airport had no explanations about the mysterious flying object.

Henry has uploaded the images she had captured, on YouTube. Check them out below:

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