NBA Update: Wade Back In Miami, CJ McCollum Recruiting Paul George

The Heat Nation went berserk when Dwyane Wade posted on his social media account that he is back in Miami. However, it is not because of basketball reasons but entirely for business purposes only. Also, CJ McCollum has been very active in recruiting Paul George to join the Portland Trailblazers.

Dwyane Wade Is Back At South Beach

When the Chicago Bulls blew out a 2-0 lead against the Boston Celtics, there were rumors that the three Alpha males (Rajon Rondo, Jimmy Butler, and Dwyane Wade) will eventually break up. The media tried to get hold any information that they can from the three mentioned players but none of them answered the questions directly. It is fully documented that these three have some issues before but when the playoffs started, it seems that they are destined for greatness.

However, it did not happen and the three players are now in the center of the trade speculations in the NBA. Dwyane Wade might be a native of Chicago and now a current Bulls player but he will always be remembered as a Heat star. Wade posted on his Instagram account that he was heading back to Miami for some business concerns. The fans are somehow skeptical with Wade and began teased him to return as a Heat player. Neither Wade nor the Heat organization commented about the recent petition that is going on right now for Wade's return in South beach.

CJ McCollum And His Negotiation Skills

Also, CJ McCollum has been making some interesting remarks in trying to acquire Paul George. This is not the first time that the swingman from the Pacers is involved in such trade rumors. The Laker nation was ecstatic when news broke out that Paul George wants to wear the purple in blue but CJ McCollum has other plans. McCollum pointed out multiple valid reasons on why PG is destined to join their team.

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