Pokemon GO's Worldwide Bloom Event Was A Major Flop, Here's Why

By Alessia Amherst , May 08, 2017 06:47 AM EDT

Pokemon GO has recently geared up for a grass-like festival with the Worldwide Bloom event but it seems like things did not go as planned. The activity became a major bust with bugs and issues plaguing the game.

The latest event in GO was supposed to increase Grass-type spawn rate throughout the weekend but Forbes shares that the system was bugged in most areas. Since the event started, many players have been noting that there have been no spawn changes in their areas. The grass-types have still been the same in number, unlike the previous occasions where Water, Ghost or Pink Pokemon would invade the streets.

While this is a prominent issue, other fans have been able to participate in the ongoing event as they have been able to catch monsters like Sunkern and Bulbasaur. It seems like the main problem affects those who live in the city. This has led to players voicing out their disappointment regarding the latest event which could have yet been another game changer for Pokemon GO.

Despite this, other effects like increased lure time are still in play, as per Bleeding Cool News. Nevertheless, Niantic will still have to explain the reason behind such a buggy event and possibly even compensate for it. There is a good chance they might reschedule the event or just drop free grass-types instead. Then again, there is also the possibility that Niantic will not address the issue which will needlessly hurt the game's reputation.

As it stands, major events like these are what helps keep the game active and attract both new and returning players. Niantic could learn from the Worldwide Bloom Event and make sure to double check everything before officially launching another activity. Those who want to play Pokemon GO can download it for free on the iOS App Store or Google Play.

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