Watch Out For ‘Rick And Morty’ Rickmobile; It Might Roll Into Your Town Soon!

By Joseph St. James. , May 08, 2017 06:51 AM EDT

Rick Sanchez of the famous TV series "Rick and Morty" will be rolling out all over the United States in his Rickmobile. Avid fans of the show should watch out for this mobile store to hit their towns since it carries special treats from the popular TV show. However, they should not expect this mobile to be a crazy futuristic vehicle just like the UFO-like space cruiser Rick is using in the TV show.

Fans Shouldn't Miss This Opportunity

The Rickmobile is more like a custom-made vehicle shaped like a giant Rick Sanchez, the grandpa of Morty in the comedy series. But it is a real vehicle that can ply the streets of lucky followers of the famous "Rick and Morty" TV show. Die-hard fans of Rick and Morty should not miss this opportunity if the mobile's route will hit their towns.

The Store Will Carry Limited Merch Items

The "Rick and Morty" Rickmobile is actually a mobile store that will carry a limited quantity of merchandise based primarily on the TV show. However, there is no word as to what the available merch items are. Some believe that most of them will feature the funny scientist Rick and his gullible grandson Morty.

A Giant Rick Sits On Top Of The Mobile

Fans will not miss this Rickmobile since it will have a wacky giant Rick perched at the top and back of the vehicle. Other drivers tailing the mobile store will have this giant Rick with bulging eyes staring down at them. It seems that this is a new promotion for the "Rick and Morty" TV show. The producers have even called this promotion "Don't Even Trip Road Trip."

The Rickmobile of "Rick and Morty" will start rolling the streets of Atlanta in the United States on May 11. It is scheduled to travel the entire country. Its final leg will bring it to the New York Comic Con which will take place from Oct. 5 to Oct. 8.

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