PlayStation 5: News, Specs, Release Date, Price

Damian Thong, a securities analyst predicted before that Sony will release a PlayStation 4. And it came to fruition.  Last week, Thong predicted again saying that Sony will release PlayStation 5 before next year. This prediction of a popular and next generation game console from the Japanese manufacturer was certainly a surprise for all the gamers.

PlayStation 5: Specs

As of now, there is no official release on the specifications of the anticipated PlayStation 5. However, according to rumors, the specs of the PlayStation 5 can take the internals of the upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio as a good baseline. Meaning, Sony is making another game console that can beat all of the existing systems around the world.

Microsoft recently jumped in with specs of gaming gadget with octa-core chip performing at 2.3GHz. There is also a dedicated 1.17GHz graphics processor, which can support full 4K UHD graphics. All of the said specs are backed up with 12GB of GDDR5 RAM. According to ValueWalk, the power difference between PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 4 Pro would need to be substantial.

PlayStation 5: Release Date

As reported by PCMag, Sony will launch a PlayStation 5 before the end of 2018. This prediction is actually from Thong who has a better-than-decent track record with this kind of prediction thing. In fact, he accurately predicted the release date of both PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4 Slim. However, keep in mind that Sony has not released any announcements regarding this, so, for now, rumors and predictions remain just common talks.

PlayStation 5: Price

The price of the upcoming PlayStation 5 will ultimately be decided based on what elements Sony is able to put in it. There's still no significant announcement on how much memory or what kind of processor will be included in the new system. However, given the intense competition, Sony will definitely not price it too high for fear of a backlash. An educated guess would set the PlayStation 5's price range between $560 and $750.


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