‘Pokemon GO’ New Update Features Code That Suggests More Raids, Changes, Improvements Coming Soon

Recently leaked information about Pokemon GO new update gives some clues about what Niantic is about to do. The game is being updated to version 1.33.1 for iOS devices and version 0.63.1 for Androids. It seems that this update also contains a new description of raids, improvements and changes to the video game.

The Update Seems To Be Insignificant

On the surface, this Pokemon GO new update appears to be non-substantive. However, folks at The Silph Road think otherwise. They mined the APK (Android Package Kit) of the recent update and discovered tons of new codes suggesting future changes and improvements for the video game. As usual, the most intriguing codes are those that are unintelligible.

It appears that there will be future gym raids that are coming. For instance, there were three lines of codes that hinted about this. These codes read "ACTIVITY_DEFEAT_RAID_POKEMON," "ACTIVITY_FEED_BERRY," and "ACTIVITY_SEARCH_GYM."

On Closer Look, It Is Not

To those in the know, if the word "Activity" prefaces any code, it refers to an event where experience is gained by the player. In other words, the first code means a player will gain experience if he defeats a "raid Pokemon." So, the folks at The Silph Road think that the code means a Pokemon attacking a gym where the player is defending it with his own Pokemon, giving a berry to the raid Pokemon or defending Pokemon, and lastly, a secret search function.

Other industry observers suggest that this Pokemon GO new update will introduce raids to the video game. They believe that the video game desperately needs something like this and it could also be the gateway that the Legendaries could use. In this respect, significant changes and improvements will probably come to the game's gyms and gym defenses.

The Story Lies Behind The Surface

What the guys at The Silph Road have done is to open the eyes of the die-hard fans of the game. To the untrained eye, this update is just a mundane patch. But to the informed, just like other Pokemon GO patches, the real story of the Pokemon GO new update lies behind the surface.

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