'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Frost Returns In Fight Against Hit; Universes Prepare Strategies For Tournament Of Power

The latest spoilers for the up and coming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” revealed that the universes are now making their last-minute preparations for the approaching Tournament of Power. With Frieza’s return, Frost’s appearance has also been teased.

Frost Vs Hit Again? Universe 6 Prepares For Tournament Of Power

The latest episode of “Dragon Ball Super” left off with the reveal of Gohan’s mystic form. Aside from that, the teaser released for the upcoming episode reveals that it will be focusing on the other teams and universes that will be participating in the dreaded Tournament of Power. The first parts of the teaser showed Frost coming back to the series after he went missing under the suspicion that he has been training while fleeing from authorities.

However, the said teaser revealed not only Frost but also what looks like a fight with the assassin, Hit. Frost briefly showed off some improvement to his skills but given how much stronger Hit is, the latter remained unfazed. It has yet to be determined what exactly the reunion between Hit and Frost is about but it is highly speculated that Hit is out looking for Frost to recruit him to join Team Universe 6 at the tournament that will be held in the World of Void.

Team Universe 7 And The Rest Gather Their Final Warriors

The latest teaser from “Dragon Ball Super” also revealed some other characters but most of them were potential representatives of Universe 6. The preparations are actually being watched by Zen-Oh and the Grand Priest while they wait for the arena of the Tournament of Power to be completed. While Universe 6 and Universe 10 are preparing, as revealed in last week’s episode, Universe 7 prepares to convene for a strategy meeting. However, as early spoilers have revealed, this will be postponed when Majin Buu fails to show up and they are left with no choice but to recruit Goku’s archenemy, Frieza.

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