How A Tesla Model X Saved A Man's Life Before His Wedding

Score one for Tesla. A man was still able to walk down the aisle and get married to the woman of his dreams thanks to his Tesla Model X.

Mashable reported that the groom, who identified himself as Mr. John Tran, posted on Instagram how he survived what seemed like a deadly crash on board his rented Tesla Model X electric SUV. Tran not only lived to tell the story but also got hitched a day later.

The groom related that on the night of May 5, which was a day before the wedding, the family held a rehearsal dinner at a San Jose mall. As he was leaving the venue, he heard sirens and later saw the mall security up and about. Tran thought nothing of it first and went on to get his rented Tesla Model X. As he was backing out of his parking stall and starting to make a left, a silver car suddenly appeared and viciously crashed onto the driver's side of the Model X. The silver car which turned out to be stolen was going around 65 miles per hour as police authorities were in hot pursuit. The impact of the crash sent Tran and his Tesla 20 to 30 feet away from where they were originally. Fortunately for the groom, the Tesla's airbags deployed. To cut the story short, a couple of strangers along with some of his friends and later some medical personnel helped Tran who survived with only a slightly injured hand and ankle. As for the thieves, the police caught one of the two suspects.

After his horrifying ordeal, the now-married Tran expressed his gratitude to Elon Musk for "building an amazing life-saving machine". He also posted on a certain Tesla forum which said, "I am alive today well BC of a Model X". Tran also mentioned that he is now considering buying his own Tesla Model X as their family car.

As BGR pointed out, Tesla prides itself in its safety standards. The tech company received a 5-star safety rating courtesy of the 2013 Model S. The Tesla car got 5 stars in all safety categories in the test conducted by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The incident only proved that the Tesla Model X is highly capable of keeping its occupants safe even from such a vicious crash.

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