‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Latest News: No DLC After BioWare Studio Revamp; Game Put On Backburner

The latest news about Mass Effect: Andromeda will not sit well with its avid players. It seems that there will be no DLC coming soon. Apparently, there was a BioWare Studio revamp, and the inevitable result is that the video game will be placed on the backburner.

The Company's Q4 Financial Report Gave A Hint

This latest news is intriguing given that EA has recently released its Q4 2016 financial stats and claimed that the company had a great year. There was a brief mention of Mass Effect: Andromeda in the said financial report saying it has helped in the company's 10 percent projected increase in income. However, there was no mention of the game in the rest of the report.

Massive Changes In The Studio Led To This Sad State Of Affairs?

Considering some recent rumors about the state of the video game, this latest news has led some observers to speculate that Mass Effect: Andromeda might be locked in limbo in the near future. Now, rumors are saying that there are some massive changes behind the scenes going on in BioWare Studio and the video game may not get a post-launch DLC support.

There Is No Work Going On For A Sequel

A report even said that BioWare is holding off further development of the recently released Mass Effect: Andromeda. It seems the game publisher is claiming that this action is necessary as it plans to use BioWare Montreal as only a support studio at this time. In other words, there is no work going on right now for any possible game sequel.

If the studio tasked with the development of Mass Effect: Andromeda will be turned into just a support entity, there is no way they could create another sequel to the title. Instead, all the work that BioWare Montreal will be doing from now on will be just turning out patches and multiplayer support. Apparently, the studio will also help other video games developed by BioWare.

Is Mass Effect: Andromeda Only On An R&R?

On a positive note, some observers believe that BioWare is just giving Mass Effect: Andromeda a time to rest, while the Montreal studio staff work at other titles. Although the title is "resting," the publisher assures its avid fans that they will still get their patch and multiplayer support. However, players should not expect a sequel or DLC packs soon.

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