Jennifer Lawrence Video Dancing On A Stripper Pole Leaks; Actress Says She's Not Sorry

By Shor M. Rae , May 18, 2017 05:30 AM EDT

A-list star Jennifer Lawrence is making the headlines once again. This time, a leaked video of the actress dancing on a stripping pole has gone viral. However, Lawrence announces that she will not apologize for her actions in the said video.

Jennifer Lawrence Goes Wild In A Club

A leaked video of Jennifer Lawrence has been circulating the internet recently. The said video reveals the actress having fun and drunk in a club while partying with friends. The video caught more attention because the actress displayed an unseen side of her, dancing on a stripper pole. The video shows her getting chummy with one of her male companions and even had several rounds of dancing on the stripper pole, even losing her blouse one point that left her almost topless.

The footage, which clearly looked like it was recorded in secret and without the actress’s consent, reportedly took place on April 27 at Beverly Hills Club in Vienna, Austria. Lawrence was in Austria filming for “Red Sparrow”, a spy movie slated to premiere in 2018. According to Radar Online, an insider revealed that Lawrence arrived at the club just before midnight with an entourage that consisted of three men, a woman, and most likely her bodyguard.

Jennifer Lawrence Says She Isn’t Sorry For The Leaked Video

Aside from being 2016’s highest paid actress, Lawrence is widely known for her outgoing and honest personality. The recent scandal has unsurprisingly left her unfazed, even saying that she will not be apologizing for her actions revealed in the leaked video. She recently posted on her official Facebook page of what she thought of it.

She explained that she was at the club to attend one of her best friend’s birthday party. She pointed out though that she wasn’t psyched being reminded of her dance stripping escapade but she corrected people that what appeared to be a bra when she took off her blouse is actually an Alexander Wang top. She emphasized that she was there to have fun and she is not sorry about it.

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