iPhone 8: First Look On The Final Design, Possible Delayed Release Due To Apple's Fight With Qualcomm

The latest iPhone 8 leak reveals what the Apple flagship smartphone actually looks like in real life. The device in the said leak is actually a mock-up of the iPhone 8 but despite being fake, it does impress in terms of the final design and layout of the features.

BGR got an exclusive look at the iPhone 8 as it got its hands on some photos of the mock-up. The fake iPhone was made based on the supposedly final design. The schematics used in the faux-iPhone 8 do not include a fingerprint scanner at the back. There are no other clues, however, which prove that Apple did integrate the feature in the display.

Another rumor that the dummy iPhone confirms is the vertical layout of the dual lens camera. The camera is conspicuously bulky which may indicate that the LED flash and microphone are also already integrated into the feature. The photos also indicate that the iPhone 8 will sport slightly curved 2.5D glass panels and a stainless steel rounded midframe.

The iPhone 8 in the leak indicates one important thing regarding Apple iPhone line-up. The iPhone 8 will sport a completely new design that is different from the company's previous iPhones. Apple has not changed the design of the iPhone since 2014. This means it's been three years since the tech giant used the design that we now see with the iPhone 7.

If the dummy is actually the real thing in terms of the iPhone 8's final design, the leak still leaves out a few important details such as price and release date. CNBC reported that Morgan Stanley sent out a report saying the iPhone 8 will not be delayed. This contradicts a number of other rumors including the one that came from Apple leakster Ming-Chi Kuo. The company's ongoing patent battle with erstwhile partner Qualcomm may also prove disadvantageous for Apple and the iPhone 8. Qualcomm insists Apple should pay for its designs used in iPhones but the tech giant argues that the demand is unreasonable. If this issue drags on and Qualcomm's rumored move to block Apple from releasing any device using its patents pushes through, then the iPhone 8 is in danger of missing its traditional September release date.

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