Man Crashes His Dodge Challenger At A Convenience Store And Asks For A Beer

By Edge Ison , May 18, 2017 07:57 AM EDT

If you're going out for a beer run, it's best to leave your Dodge Challenger behind. If you must insist, just don't crash it through the store.

This is what one man unfortunately did early morning of May 7 which was a Sunday. Robert Mason, 45, drove his Dodge Challenger through a convenience mart while running 40 miles per hour. The Rocky River, Ohio native cashed his car through security poles and ended up inside the Hilliard boulevard store.

Mason did not just waste one gorgeous car but he also practically destroyed the said convenience store. Photos of the scene along with video from responding police authorities' body cameras showed the devastation caused by the crash. The store clerk escaped with minor injuries after he was hit by the rampaging Challenger. The impact pushed him and the deli case about ten feet backwards. In what Rocky River police Chief Kelly Stillman described as a stroke of luck, the deli case actually saved the man's life. Stillman stressed that had the Dodge went two more feet forward, the employee could have been hurt bad or may have even died.

According to the clerk, who can be seen in one of the police videos trapped by debris from the crash, Mason got out of his Challenger and asked him for beer. The driver then proceeded to go inside the mart's beer cooler. The clerk and the responders also noted that the intoxicated Mason was naked from the waist down.

Reports say that when the police arrived, Mason barricaded himself in the cooler. The authorities attempted to resolve the matter peacefully despite Mason challenging the responders to shoot him. Mason was eventually subdued after he was shot with a taser.

Mason is facing charges of OVI or Operating a Vehicle while under the Influence. He was also charged with reckless operation.

Fox News reported that Mason was going through a rough patch after encountering problems concerning his military service and his work with the Federal Protective Service where he is an officer. The man was so distraught that he didn't care about his Dodge Challenger or the fact that he could've hurt someone just to get a beer.

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