Blackmailer Gets Suspended Sentence After Threatening to Kill Michael Schumacher's Kids

By Shor M. Rae , May 19, 2017 08:08 AM EDT

The Schumacher family recently enjoyed great developments in their lives that included Michael’s improvement in his condition and the jumpstart of son Mick’s career in the Formula racing. However, things go awry when the family received a threat from a blackmailer.

Man Threatens Michael Schumacher’s Wife To Donate Money

In February 2016, Michael Schumacher’s wife, Corinna Betsch, received an email from someone they did not know. The said email was asking her to make a huge donation of 900,000 euros. However, the cyber letter indicated a threat, stating that if the donation is not made by the end of March 2016, their children will get into an untimely and unfortunate incident, even emphasizing that accidents occur in Formula 4 races.

At that time, their son, Mick just started his career as a Formula 4 racing driver and Michael was still trying to recover from his skiing accident in 2013, which left him in a coma for a while. Corinna contacted authorities immediately, fearing for her children’s lives. The detectives working on the case was able to track down the blackmailer when he sent his bank account details to Corinna.

Perpetrator Given Suspended Sentence; Court Says He’s Sick

After checking the bank account details, authorities were able to trace the threat to a man named Huseyin B. He reportedly admitted everything, which prompted the court to state that Corinna’s appearance was not needed anymore. Huseyin may have admitted to doing the threat but he has not explained the reason behind his actions.

The court has sentenced him to a probation period of only one year and nine months even when the prosecutors called for at least two years of probation. In addition to the sentence, Huseyin B has been given penalty worth 4,500 euros. He has also been ordered to undergo psychiatric therapy and spend 50 hours in community service.

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