The Next Samsung Galaxy S Series Is Already In The Works

The next Samsung Galaxy phone is as highly anticipated as the next Apple iPhone. Following the successful release of the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy S9 is already the latest subject of rumors. According to reliable sources, Galaxy S9 is already in the works and it will give the Korean giant firm really outstanding sales.

Codename And Release Date

Apparently, Samsung has started developing the next Galaxy smartphone which is named as the Samsung Galaxy S9. The code name given by the tech giant for the handset device, as well as its release date has been leaked. According to Digital Trends, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is code named as "Star" and a larger version of the smartphone, which is assumed as the S9 Plus is the "Star 2."

The said development of the handset has started several months earlier than the real schedule. This may indicate that either an earlier release date or the incorporation of new features and technology is coming to the Samsung Galaxy S9. There are no official sources that have confirmed this news, therefore, treat it as a speculation for now. However, a release date during the first half of 2018 is forecasted.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs

The Galaxy S series of phones are considered as Samsung’s most powerful devices, therefore we should expect more on the S9. It’s being rumored that the upcoming device will use the next top-of-the-range Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip, which is the Snapdragon 845. However, according to the International Business Times, there are still no details about the official smartphone’s specs and features.

On the other hand, a report claimed that Samsung and Qualcomm are teaming up once again for the anticipated Galaxy S9. It’s speculated that the Snapdragon chip will be called as the Snapdragon 845, and the two giant companies are developing it as of now. Once the chipset has been finalized and settled, all the manufacturing duties may be given to either Samsung or the Taiwanese company called TMSC.


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