Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4: Worth the wait, first smartphone to run on AWS LTE network

By James Geddes , May 29, 2013 08:56 AM EDT

Sometimes the wait is worth it, and in the case of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 that point couldn't resonate any louder. Verizon has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy 4 running on its network is the first device that will run on its upcoming network upgrade.

Verizon is no slacker when it comes to offering its subscribers a solid, fast, and reliable network. The carrier has already begun work on an upgrade to its LTE network with AWS (Advanced Wireless Spectrum), which will reportedly more than double its current 4G LTE network speeds.

It just so happens that the Samsung Galaxy S4 already has AWS support built in to take advantage of the new network.  The Verizon Galaxy S4 will only require an OTA (over the air) software update to enable the feature. Since Verizon is the last carrier in the U.S. to get the Samsung Galaxy S4, this piece of news makes it worth the wait.

Verizon's Vice President of Network Support, Mike Haberman confirmed to Bloomberg that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the first device that will be able to take advantage of the carrier's new AWS network. He confirmed that adding the capability would only require a software upgrade to activate the AWS frequency. Verizon has been hard at work upgrading its network to use AWS airwaves. The carrier is expected to launch the service in the next few months in a few major cities, with New York being among the first to get a chance to try Verizon's new network.

Verizon's move to AWS is due to the carrier seeing it as a necessary upgrade as it told the Bloomberg that its LTE traffic volume in three years will be at least six to seven times greater than it currently is. It's good to know that Verizon is continuously planning to offer its customers new technology, and the fact that the update will more than double current 4G LTE network speeds will make Verizon subscribers, especially those with a Samsung Galaxy S4 appreciate Verizon even more. The carrier plans to offer more devices in the future that support AWS, but as of now the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the only device it offers that comes with AWS support built in.

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