‘Zelda Breath Of The Wild’ Set To Make Bizarre Sales Record On The Switch

By Joseph St. James. , May 29, 2017 08:21 AM EDT

The sales record of Zelda Breath of the Wild is getting more bizarre each day. Recent stats seem to indicate that the video game has sold more copies that the numbers of Switch consoles sold by Nintendo. Zelda seems to be breaking the diminishing sales trend of boxed games on a year-on-year basis.

Zelda's Sales Grew Even If Overall Software Sales Went Down

This inexplicable sales performance of Zelda Breath of the Wild is proven by the sales stats published in an online video game magazine. The magazine's latest earnings report indicates that Zelda's sales increased even if the retailer's overall software sales went down year-over-year. Zelda must have something that caused it to turn back the tide in its favor.

In its financial report, the online magazine and retailer revealed that Zelda Breath of the Wild had sold a total of 2.76 million copies. The total number of Nintendo Switch consoles sold during the same period is 2.74 million, thereby beating the Switch by 0.02 million units. This bizarre sales performance sparked the jump of Nintendo share prices to its seven-year high.

With An Upcoming DLC, The Sales Record Might Even Get Stranger

And Zelda Breath of the Wild may not even be finished setting strange sales records. The video game is set to release its next DLC this summer. It is called Master Trials DLC which contains the Trial of the Sword game mode. With this new update, gamers will be given the task of fighting through 45 rooms, where each room is filled with enemies.

Another feature of the upcoming Zelda Breath of the Wild patch is the hard mode. This feature brings into the game floating treasure protected by monsters and tougher enemies to defeat. There will also be a Hero's Patch feature that will track the progress of players by tracing the footsteps of Link on the map.

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