Tesla Model 3 Reveals New Features, Some Rumors Confirmed

Tesla continues to tickle everyone's fancy with numerous sightings and spy shots of the Model 3 prototypes and release candidates. This time, the company revealed some features of the Tesla Model 3 that has never been rumored before.

According to Electrek, the Tesla Model 3 will have coil suspension, an optional glass roof, and two different wheel sizes. These three features have never been talked about before so this comes as surprising to fans and pundits.

What is not surprising are the previously rumored features that the comparison confirmed. The said confirmed features include the Model 3's full self-driving capability and the use of an aluminum body. The first feature is actually a known fact. Tesla announced in late 2016 that it will use its latest Autopilot hardware in its cars from then on which basically means the Model 3 and every Tesla car going forward will have full the self-driving feature. As for the body, Tesla will be using a combination of aluminum and steel for the Model 3.

Tesla also clarified that the "premium features" indicated in the head-to-head comparison between the Model 3 and Model S released recently do not mean that the former will not have premium features. In the edited comparison, the Model S comes with full self-driving capability, aluminum body, Smart Air suspension, a glass or panoramic sunroof, auto-presenting door handles, a HEPA filtration system, and 19-inch and 21-inch performance wheels. The Model 3, as mentioned, will also be capable of full self-driving, an aluminum and steel body, coil suspension, optional glass roof, and either 18-inch or 19-inch wheels.

Tesla has already indicated that it will limit the configurations of the Model 3 to 1,000. The Tesla Model S, in comparison, has 1,500 configurations.

In related news, a video of a Tesla Model 3 candidate courtesy of Northern California Dashcam has surfaced online. The in-the-wild video, as Forbes described it, is said to be the clearest one ever taken. The video showed a white Tesla Model 3 which joins two other videos which showed the other color variants of the electric car. The other videos caught a blue version and another in Tesla's "Signature Red" color.

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