Andy Rubin's Essential Is Eyeing A Google Glass Successor

By Edge Ison , Jun 02, 2017 06:44 AM EDT

Andy Rubin is making the most of his time in the limelight. A few days ago, the Android co-founder finally unveiled his Essential Phone. Rubin also discussed the Essential Home, his company's version of the Amazon Echo and Google Home. This time, a leak has surfaced indicating that the company has plans of possibly making a Google Glass-like device.

Phandroid has learned of a number of patents filed by Essential through a report by Patently Apple. Among the patents that the website discovered is the Essential Smart Glasses. The potential Google Glasses and Snapchat Spectacles clone sports a camera under its "dual-mode" display. The display will also be compatible with prescription lenses. It will be able to take photos and videos at eye level.

It must be noted that Google Glass did not exactly take off. This begs the question of why Rubin is looking into this tech when others before him failed. Critics deduced that the failure of the Google Glass was not due to the tech or hardware but because there wasn't a market for such a product then. Maybe by the time Rubin and the rest of Essential perfects its smart glasses, there will be more interest on such device. Plus, Essential is supposedly working on integrating augmented reality to its smart glasses. The Verge explained that the AR capability of the Essential Smart Glasses may be used in situations such as product price matching. A user can utilize the smart glasses' AR to analyze the bar code of an item and later receive options similar to the said item on the device's display. If this comes to fruition, the Essential Smart will have at least one feature that will make it better than its predecessors.

Aside from the Essential Smart Glasses, the company also holds the patents for a number of phone camera ideas. Two of those patents include a pop-up style camera and what the company calls the Essential Phone Face Camera.

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