iOS 11 Review: Top New Features Coming To Your iPhone And iPad

The keynote event on Apple’s 2017 WWDC clocked in at more than two hours. And according to reports, it was full of stories regarding Apple’s plan on macOS, its future hardware devices and especially iOS 11. The best parts of the event proper are the moment when Apple says “screw it” and dumps a few new features into one slide.

Here is a review on the new iOS 11. All the Apple iPhone and iPad users need to wait until fall of this year before they receive the notification of the final version of the iOS 11. However, it is currently in beta mode or developer version mode, so brave users can download, install and take its risk.

Siri Upgrades

According to The Verge, Siri, Apple's digital assistants, is now easier to talk to. It looks like the tech giant is now finally going to add one of the most demanded features for many digital assistants. This time, users will be able to type to Siri in iOS 11 so that socially awkward tech nerds can rejoice!

Messages And Peer-to-Peer Apple Pay Payments

Even though Apple's iMessage remains the best mobile messaging platforms in the market, Apple wants to make sure that iPhone and iPad users are still using their devices more efficient. The new iOS will now guarantee iMessages app to remain perfectly synced across all of other devices.

Aside from that, Apple is also continuing to update its stickers feature with a redesigned app that will definitely make them easier to access. According to Gizmodo, Apple users can now use Apple Pay via the upgraded iMessage app, using the TouchID fingerprint authentication, to quickly send payments all the time.

Screen Recording

Following in the footprints of its rivals such as Samsung, which started allowing screen recording, as well as GIF creation on its Galaxy flagship smartphones, Apple appears to be ready to add that functionality in iOS 11. The Cupertino-based company is hoping for users to let capture and create GIFs, too.

Apple Music

Just like Spotify, Apple Music users can now see their friends' playlist and vice versa, friends can also see the song list of the user. Do not worry, there is a private mode for each account if a user wants his/her account to be for personal user only.

There are a lot more feature upgrades on Apple's new iOS 11. These listed refreshed points here are just a few of the top and in-demand ascents.


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