Gran Turismo Sport Shows Off Brand New Trailer; For Release This Fall?

By Joseph St. James. , Jun 14, 2017 06:00 AM EDT

Gran Turismo Sport shows off a brand new trailer during Sony's recent presentation at E3 2017. The game publisher also hinted about a release window for the game. A handful of details about the video game were also shared by the tech giant to the attendees of the event.

The Trailer Was A Bit Strange But Interesting

The brand new trailer of Gran Turismo Sport is not the like the customary trailer for car racing video games. Instead of showing speeding cars on the race tracks, the trailer focused on the fact that GTS is also on car collecting and not just player competition. This gives a hint that there will be some changes forthcoming in this video game.

Developers Committed To Make Gran Turismo Sport The Best Ever

Gran Turismo Sport was supposed to be released earlier but Polyphony Digital CEO and game producer Kazunori Yamauchi opted to delay its launch to this year. He explained that he didn't want the quality of the game to be compromised. Yamauchi admitted that his company cannot confirm an exact release date at this time although there are indications that it will launch this fall. However, he assures the fans that they are committed to making GTS the best GT video game to date.

This Will Be Like Real Car Racing

Sony claims that Gran Turismo Sport will offer true-to-life racing experience to gamers. Each virtual car racer will be facing real risks, earn rewards and suffer terrible consequences when competing with other virtual car racers. Apparently, this video game will create the best match-ups by pitting gamers against other gamers based on their driver ethics and 'racing' credentials.

Based on promo materials issued by Sony, Gran Turismo Sport will offer 4K resolutions with HDR effects. The game also targets 60 frames per second. Therefore, gamers with compatible hardware will experience the best visual and audio gaming experience. As have already been mentioned, there are some speculations that this title might be released this fall.

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