E3 2017: Nintendo Officially Announces Super Mario Odyssey For Switch; Unveils Release Date Via Trailer

By way of a reveal trailer at the E3 2017, Nintendo announced last Tuesday that it will release Super Mario Odyssey this coming Oct. 27 for the Switch. The announcement was made during Nintendo's Spotlight presentation at the event. Other details about the game were also revealed by the game developer.

Mario Has A New-Found Power

Attendees at the E3 2017 Spotlight presentation of Nintendo were treated with a cinematic trailer of Super Mario Odyssey that revealed Mario in a new costume, frolicking in the game's open world and showing his new abilities. It appears that Mario has a new-found power in his hat. He uses it apparently to level up in the game.

It Resides In His Hat

How can Mario's hat be this powerful? The reveal trailer of Super Mario Odyssey at the E3 2017 shows that he can use it to turn his enemies into friends. How is he able to do this? By simply throwing his hat at them. With this hat, Mario can control big dinosaurs, a horde of goombas, taxis and many more. The trailer seems to show that this is how gamers will be able to progress in this new game from Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Odyssey features an open world that gamers need to explore in their quest to locate the Power Moon collectibles. Mario needs these items as sources of power for his airship which he uses to explore the vast expanse of the game's open world. The game has a 3D capability which makes the game's open world look very realistic.

Is Nintendo Working On A Bundle For This Game?

There are also some rumors that Nintendo might be working on a bundle for Super Mario Odyssey for the Switch. Some observers believe that the company might do this to boost the sales of the video game during the holidays. The company believes that this is the kind of game that will push gamers to buy the Switch.

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