Dragon Ball FighterZ Is Beating Marvel vs. Capcom According To Thousands Of Gamers. Why?

By Joseph St. James. , Jun 16, 2017 06:41 AM EDT

Gauging from the reactions of thousands of gamers to the gameplay trials at E3 2017, it seems Dragon Ball FighterZ is beating Marvel vs. Capcom. These two titles share a lot of things in common. Both are 2.5D fighters, fast-paced and jam-packed with a lot of signature moves. Why is DBFZ taking down MvC? This article will discuss some of the probable reasons.

Marvel vs. Capcom Seems To Be Confused

According to a report, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite seems to be confused about what it would like to do. This video game, the report said, took out the design ideas of the comic book and brought them to the video game. It then appeared that Capcom characters were pulled into a video game that looked like a comic book.

In the case of Dragon Ball FighterZ, it appears that Arc System used all the best techniques it has acquired in the development of Guilty Gear Xrd and applied it to the Dragon Ball anime and produced a video game that regaled the taste of today's gamers. That's probably one of the things why thousands of gamers think that Dragon Ball FighterZ is beating Marvel vs. Capcom.

The Devil Is In The Details

Another possible major problem why Dragon Ball FighterZ is beating Marvel vs. Capcom is in the minute details. These little details can be easily ignored but they can affect the final results. In the way DBFZ is being presented in the gameplay, there is an impression that the developers were conscious of the importance of these little details.

For instance, Frieza is getting hit by the Death Saucers that he unleashes just like in the anime TV show. The deflected fireballs are also destroying the environment. In other words, the developers appeared to have made the effort to stick to what the original anime has already established. It seems that the developers of MvC were not able to do this. That is probably why thousands of gamers think that Dragon Ball FighterZ is beating Marvel vs. Capcom.

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