OnePlus 5 Now Available For Pre-order At OppoMart Ahead Of Official Launch

Right after its flash sale registrations listing on a specific site in China, the OnePlus 5 smartphone is now available for pre-order on OppoMart. OnePlus decided to make their flagship smartphone available even before the official introduction in order to gain more popularity.

OppoMart is the best shop to buy any OnePlus handsets, as well as accessories since it is a legit reseller of Chinese smartphones. As claimed by Blasting News, the OnePlus 5 is now available for pre-order for a starting price of $549.

In order to prove that it is really now available to order, OppoMart shared two renders of the upcoming smartphone and re-shared its official teaser. The website also shared OnePlus 5’s specs and features, though they’re inaccurate in some points.

According to Android Headline, the gallery above depicts the two alleged OnePlus 5 images. Taking a closer look on it, an individual will notice that something is wrong especially in the front part of the phone. The volume control, as well as its power or lock keys, are placed on the right side.

However, looking from the back of the smartphone, that’s not the case, its volume up and down controllers are located where the other three keys are. Now, the render of the smartphone’s rear part is probably a bit off, the mobile device will look like that, OnePlus already confirmed that. The buttons on the given image are in all the wrong locations for some reason.

Until now, OnePlus still did not confirm any of the designs that are leaked. The front, back, as well the two sides of the upcoming OnePlus 5 are still unknown. Nevertheless, it is highly likely that the images posted on OppoMart’s site are somewhat accurate, as the handset will resemble the OPPO R11 quite a bit.

As for the shipping, OppoMart says that the online shop will start sending out the OnePlus 5 handset at the beginning of next month. For those people who still no aware regarding its official release, the most anticipated OnePlus 5 will be announced on June 20.


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