Game Producer on Dissidia Final Fantasy for Consoles: 'It Might Even Rise Up As An E-Sports Event'

Feb 04, 2017 01:05 AM EST

In line with the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary celebration, game producer Ichiro Hazama and director Takeo Kujiraoka shared some details about Dissidia Final Fantasy for consoles. He plans to add more features to the home edition and hopes that it will find a spot in eSports.

During a recent interview, Hazama and Kujiraoka spoke about the possible new features of the highly-awaited port of the arcade game, as per Gematsu. Firstly, the producer claimed that he and the creative team were not able to prepare materials that would meet "everyone's expectations" during the anniversary. Because of this, the game had a surprising lack of attention throughout the entire event.

However, Kujiraoka noted that fans are hoping for a story mode when the game finally gets ported over to consoles. The team is already hard at work on preparing this certain aspect while still retaining focus on the battles and overall mechanics. Furthermore, the director mentioned that they are enhancing 'other elements' but he had not gone finer detail about whatever these segments are.

Dissidia Final Fantasy for Consoles Aims to Make a Mark in e-Sports

That aside, the director took the chance to explain that the game might move towards the e-Sports scene as the company noticed that fans abroad are fond of this competitive activity. For this reason, he hopes to deliver the game as a 'high-proficiency, competitive fighting tool' so that it may slowly rise to become a global tournament. Kujiraoka claimed to use these 'ambitions' of his to further enhance and fortify the main game.

In spite of this, Hazama claimed that the team is trying to find a way for the console edition to not have a negative impact on the current arcade platform. On a different note, CGMagazine reports that the two also discussed the possibility of utilizing Team Ninja's 'Soft Engine' that can enhance certain body parts. So far, they see no need to use it but the director joked that they might apply the engine on Kuja's buttocks.

Despite the interview, Square Enix has yet to formally announce Dissidia Final Fantasy for consoles. Although, it seems extremely likely that they will release it on the PS4 judging by a previous video they released showcasing a comparison between the said console and the current edition. For now, this specific title is only available in Japan on arcades.

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