Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Reveals Current Progress And Future Plans For Game

By Alessia Amherst , Feb 02, 2017 04:30 AM EST

Producer Yoshinori Kitase discusses the current standing of the Final Fantasy VII Remake as well as the future plans the company has for the future titles. Meanwhile, Square Enix has released a new key visual for the game featuring Cloud the Sephiroth.

Both old and new fans alike are waiting in anticipation for the upcoming remake of the classic game but Square Enix still remains very tight-lipped about the project. Despite its two previous major trailers, the company has hardly revealed any new information since then. This has caused some fans to worry about its development period and that it might end up like Final Fantasy XV all over again.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Talks Ongoing Progress

However, Gematsu reports a recent interview with Yoshinori Kitase and the current progress of the said title. The producer claimed that the team is still enhancing the features they revealed in the trailers and that they are reaching their target 'level of quality.' In spite of this, the project ultimately still needs more work to be done.

Similarly, Kitase claimed that they will maintain quality content throughout each episode as the remake is a multi-part series. In response to the gaps between each game, he stated that they cannot release an episode every few months. Instead, he plans on building and maintaining the fanbase's interest between each release.

That aside, the producer mentioned that the team will be focusing all their efforts on finishing each game in the series. Because of this, he is not so sure if they will be holding activities to 'interact with fans' like with Final Fantasy XV's Active Time Report. In terms of gameplay, he mentioned that the team has already solidified the base of the battle system but has no comment regarding the other gameplay mechanics like Materia.

On the other hand, he hopes to show some progress this year like with what director Tetsuya Nomura announced in his previous statement. This time, the producer wants to go beyond releasing another trailer and actually hold an event instead wherein people can finally experience the game. Finally, Kitase mentioned how the company wants to remake Final Fantasy VI but the proposal continues to get postponed.

New Key Visual Released

In line with this short update, Square Enix also released a new key visual for the remake, as per Game Rant. The photo shows a highly-detailed render of Cloud in Midgar while the series antagonist, Sephiroth, looms dimly behind the Shinra building. So far, the company has shown off only a few of the core characters in the game.

Square Enix is currently busy with other projects which could be one of the main reasons for the seemingly slow progression of the remake. Nonetheless, players continue to remain excited for possibly some of the biggest games in the franchise's history. For now, fans will have to wait for further information regarding the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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