'One Piece' Spoilers: Third Party Character To Come To The Rescue? Vinsmokes And Straw Hats Fight Big Mom

The latest chapter of the “One Piece” manga series was released last week. There won’t be any new material this week as Eiichiro Oda announced that he will be taking a break. His break aptly takes place just as chaos has blown out in the ongoing Whole Cake Island Arc.

As revealed in “One Piece” Chapter 869, the alliance’s plan to assassinate the yonko Big Mom has failed. This forced Capone Bege to reveal his trump card and transforms into a huge castle that is called Big Father. Capone Bege instructed Luffy, his men, and the rest of the Straw Hats crew to get inside him to save themselves. They are currently trapped and surrounded by Big Mom’s crew and as soon as Big Father attempted to get away, Big Mom’s pirates were able to keep him from moving by compromising some parts of the castle.

Meanwhile, inside the castle, Capone Bege, Luffy, and the rest are trying to keep calm and discussing any other possible escape plan. However, it seems like they’re losing all their chances when Big Mom finally wakes up from her weakened state. She wasted no time in pursuing Capone Bege for his betrayal and started eating away his castle. The problem here is Capone Bege’s life is connected to the Big Father castle and once the castle is destroyed, he will also die.

Predictions for “One Piece” Chapter 840 consist mostly of an appearance of third party who will save Luffy and Capone Bege in this predicament. However, many avid readers are hoping that this is not the case because they want to see the alliance to actually defeat a yonko without having to rely on outside help. They also hope that the Vinsmokes will finally reveal how powerful they are given that they are the most powerful army in the world. The Vinsmokes recently unveiled Germa 66 in the previous chapters and it is predicted that they will team up with Luffy to go against Big Mom and her crew. It is expected that things will not go smoothly as Big Mom is a yonko and she is extremely powerful.

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