'One Piece' Chapter 868 Spoilers: Big Father Appears As Big Mom Thwarts Alliance's Assassination Plan

The latest chapter of the “One Piece” manga has just been released and it is full of surprises. The new chapter revealed an unexpected transformation from Capone Bege as the plans of the alliance break apart.

The previous chapters of “One Piece” for the ongoing Whole Cake Island Arc has seen an unlikely alliance between the Straw Hats and Capone Bege. Luffy was determined to save Sanji from a marriage he was forced into and Capone Bege wanted to kill Big Mom once and for all. Though the two had different goals, they decided to unite because it was the only way they could leave the wedding alive.

“One Piece” Chapter 868 reveals the consequences of destroying Mother Caramel’s precious photo, which Big Mom had held on dearly for a long time. Mother Caramel and Big Mom’s past and connection were revealed in last week’s chapter, explaining how the old lady became the sole weakness of a powerful yonko. Big Mom continues wailing as she gets weaker and Capone Bege takes this chance to fire the grenade launcher at her.

As predicted in their plans, they only have five seconds to kill Big Mom. Capone Bege succeeded in shooting Big Mom but she unexpectedly destroyed it, reminding readers that Big Mom was a yonko for a reason. Luffy, Capone Bege, and the rest of the alliance scurry to the mirror to make their escape. However, the multi-dimensional mirror cracked and broke because of Big Mom’s scream, thwarting the alliance’s only way of escape.

Trapped on the rooftop and surrounded by the strongest warriors of Big Mom’s crew, Luffy and his team are cornered. However, Capone Bege makes an unexpected transformation, suddenly changing into a huge castle called the Big Father. With his transformation, Capone Bege instructed his men and the Straw Hats to get inside his castle while they attempt to make another escape.

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