Tesla Model S Is 'The Fastest Production Car' On Earth

On Monday, Steven Peeters and Joeri Cools said they drove a Model S P100D around a closed loop in Belgium, adding that it took the duo for about 23 hours and 45 minutes to complete the feat. Tesla claims its longest-range Model S can drive 572 kilometers or 355 miles on a single charge.

Hypermiling requires driving a car at maximum fuel (or electrical) efficiency to see how long it can run on one charge or tank of gas. The hobby involves driving at slow, constant speeds without breaking or stopping, and, imperatively, without running the air conditioning. Based on a recent blog post on Silver Lining, a Tesla Model S P100D has achieved a new hypermiling record. Driving around in circles for nearly 24 hours at speeds of 40kph or 24mph in a 26-km closed loop, Steven Peeters, and Joeri Cools were able to run the Model S for 901.2 km which is equivalent to around 560 miles. In summary, the duo consumed a record low 88 Wh/km.
With this feat, Peeters and Cools proved that not only is the P100D Model S Tesla's fastest car, it also has the farthermost range.


Prior to this, the record was held by Tesla Models S 85D owner Casey Spencer who drove for 26 hours roughly at around 22 mph and was able to log in about 885 km. Peeters stated in the blog "Although it might be more beneficial to keep driving straight and preferable with a tail wind, our approach had the advantage that we could learn from each round."

According to a source, the duo took turns driving for 23 hours and 45 minutes which is not an easy task in the summer without AC. There were points where the internal temperature of the car reached 35 degrees Celcius or 95 degrees Fahrenheit. "It was just like sitting in hell and the sun was really burning," Peeters also wrote in the blog. Furthermore, Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted on his Twitter last Tuesday, saying that "with the right tires," the Tesla Model S P100D should be able to drive more than 1,000 kilometers or 621.4 miles on a single charge.


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