Microsoft Rolls Out Huge Halo Wars 2 Patch; Details Revealed

By Joseph St. James. , Jun 29, 2017 07:47 AM EDT

Microsoft has rolled out a huge Halo Wars 2 patch on June 28. Being a big update, it implements significant changes in many sections of the video game. This update also contains more content than a single post could allow.

Aside from the Halo Wars 2 patch released by Microsoft, there will also be a service-side balance update that will be released later. However, the developer has not shared any details about these balance changes at this time. But it promises to release the information once the balance changes are finalized.

Here Are Some Of The Patch Details

As far as the Halo Wars 2 patch notes are concerned, Microsoft has revealed some of its most important details. One of these is the fix of a problem that leads to a desync in 3v3 Stronghold matches. In addition, support for multi-GPU is now live on Windows 10. This patch also changed the selection box so that it will be easier for gamers to select units when they're on the fringe.

The Game Will Be More Enjoyable

The Halo Wars 2 patch also made some modifications done on building and unit values of. For instance, it has reduced the upgrade time of the Supply Pad from 25 seconds to 18 seconds. Likewise, Spartans will no longer be able to damage the unit that they hijacked and Scorpion will no longer be able to shoot two canister shots. Moreover, the rate of camera roll has been tweaked to make the experience more enjoyable. Gamers can use the Scroll Speed setting in the options menu to change the roll speed.

Changes Were Made On The AI

The AI was also changed by the Halo Wars 2 patch. They will no longer be aware when a gamer is targeting them with a leader power. This patch stopped AI from erecting rally flags in places they should not be able to. In addition, Microsoft announced at the E3 2017 that it is coming up with the game's next big expansion titled Awakening the Nightmare. This expansion will add a new campaign, two multiplayer maps and two leaders for multiplayer.

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