Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta Test Arriving Soon Before Game Launch

By Joseph St. James. , Jun 29, 2017 08:08 AM EDT

One of the biggest revelations in the recently concluded E3 2017 is the unveiling of the new Dragon Ball FighterZ. It was well-received by the gaming community. And now, reports suggest that a beta test is soon arriving before the game launch.

A Beta Test Will Come Before Game Launch

Yes, fans of Dragon Ball FighterZ will welcome the latest news that a beta test is coming before the game hits Xbox One, PS4, and PC in early 2018. This game is different from the other Dragon Ball game series because of its focus. It is a more traditional and straight fighting game. For instance, this game incorporates the 3v3 style of fighting instead of the one-on-one epic battles usually found in the game series.

It Will Be A Closed Beta At First

Bandai Namco has already announced that there will be a closed beta test for Dragon Ball FighterZ beta coming this year and before the summer ends. However, there are also some indications that while the developer has not confirmed the exact date yet, it appears that it will start with a closed beta first. Since June is about to be over, fans can expect more announcements will be issued by the developer soon.

Gamers Can Pre-Order To Gain Early Access

In their normal fashion, game developers usually start their beta test by giving first access to those who have pre-ordered the particular game and in some instances to those who are pass holders as well. Gamers can pre-order Dragon Ball FighterZ through established game retailers or by signifying their intent on the game's official website. Whatever the case, they are required to shell out the cost of one copy.

In the matter of Dragon Ball FighterZ 3v3 combat style, others drew comparisons of it being similar to Marvel vs. Capcom. Therefore, it will be different from Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. This upcoming video game will take a more traditional approach by providing one-on-one battles with two assisting characters.

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