The Real Reason Why We Rarely Hear Kate Middleton Speak

It is a well-known fact that the British Royal Family are few of the public figures that paparazzi enjoy flocking around. They have roles in the society but they are swarmed with reports and rumors just like celebrities because almost everybody is interested in what they actually do in their daily lives.

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton succumbed to the consequences of royalty when she married Prince William in April 2011. The two had kids and their family is a favorite of paparazzi. In fact, Kate is actually one of the most searched people on the internet, defeating the likes of Barack Obama and the Kardashians. This may be because she reminds people a bit of the late Princess Diana.

However, one thing that makes Kate and Princess Diana different is that the latter is very outspoken and quite charismatic. Kate on the other hand, though charming has opted to stay silent and the public rarely hears her speak. The only time people heard her voice for a long span of time was when she went on a lengthy interview for a certain television show.

Kate revealed and explained that she rarely talks in public because she actually found it nerve-wracking. She and Prince Harry actually share the stage fright but the latter, of course, has been forced to give speeches in public several times because of his position in the society. She made her first public speech in 2012 even though she was not comfortable with speaking publicly.

In addition to being uncomfortable making public speeches, Kate most likely speaks less in public because she is now part of the Royal Family. The British Royal Family takes pride in clouding their real lives with mystery despite being celebrated as public figures. Several other members or even people related to them give people the silent treatment to protect their privacy and to not dilute the magic of royalty.

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