Kate Middleton And Prince William's Royal Maid Resigns, Demanding Palace Job Could Be The Reason

As if the royal couple Kate Middleton and Prince William did not already have their hands full, they run into another bump as one of their help quits. Royal maid, Sadie Rice resigned from her work from the Kensington Palace because of the outrageous demands.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are already being swarmed with rumors about their marriage and a maid quitting and making a huge deal out of it clearly adds up to their stress. It has been reported that the royal couple’s best royal housekeeper, Sadie Rice has quit her job. Rice threw in the towel after she could not handle the piling demands and chores that she found rather ridiculous and unbearable.

According to The Sun, Rice has worked with the popular royal couple for two years and she admitted that she could not last any longer. A source from The Sun revealed that Rice, who was a hard worker, found the demands of her job to be too much. Aside from her housekeeping duties, Rice is reportedly doing more than her paycheck allows her as she also does the shopping for the family.

Aside from that, the source raised that Prince William and Kate have asked Rice to spend more time than she was supposed to in the Kensington Palace, which meant her workload increased as well. It was also revealed that along with the added work, Rice was not able to live a normal life outside her work. Rice, who has been a huge help in maintaining the household order in the Kensington Palace, will surely be a loss to the royal couple.

Rice, who earned at least $44,000 as part of the royal household in the Kensington Palace, used to work at the Buckingham Palace and was quite favored by the Queen. She is also well liked by the royal couple’s children, George and Charlotte. Kate and Prince William have reportedly been trying to increase the number of staff in the palace to run the place after Prince Philip suddenly left the quarters.

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