Here's How To Process Steam Refunds For PC Survival Game Rust

One of the most controversial letdowns in the history of video gaming involves Steam users and Garry Newman's title Rust. Unfortunately for the developer, the game did not meet players' expectation resulting to a devastating sales loss. Well, it is basically a process of refunding the players for the money spent on buying the game.

According to Mashable, the PC survival game Rust did not do well in the community, leading to a refund worth of $4 million on Steam. The developer himself, Newman, tweeted recently the total refunded units, which sums to 329,970 at the time of the tweet. This was enough to put the game at a huge setback, losing millions in the process.

Interestingly, the aforementioned figure is only six percent of the total sales the game acquired throughout its existence. The game is a staple of Steam actually, accumulating a huge following since day one. It was an Early Access darling ever since its release three and a half years ago, as reported by PCGamesN.

In its most organic form, Rust players are introduced to a not-so-kind environment where they have to survive. Unfortunately for them, they do not have any tools or whatsoever to help them survive the harsh setting. This is perhaps the main reason players opted to get their money back, as they did not entirely like the premise of the title.

For Rust players who want to process a refund, Steam has set up a detailed instruction for the process. They need to navigate first to Steam Help and log in using their respective accounts. After logging in, they must click on the option that says A Purchase. From there, they just need to find the purchase or game they want to get refunds and click on it. It should be noted that if a purchase is not listed, it only means that it does not belong to the company's refund window and thus, illegible for a refund.

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