ARK Survival Evolved Community Crunch 97 Details; Game Heavily Discounted At Steam Summer Sale

Developer Studio Wildcard has just announced the newest Community Crunch (97) for Ark Survival Evolved. This is basically where the studio releases host contests and showcases creations from the game's community. More importantly, the company unveiled the title's Steam summer sale.

In the official blog post of Ark Survival Evolved, the developers reminded the fandom that the game will soon be leaving Steam's Early Access program. This was first revealed back at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). The official launch date of the game is on Aug. 8.

Moreover, Studio Wildcard announced that the official title is already up for pre-order. For those who acquire the game's limited collector's edition, they will receive a bunch of goodies, as noted by DVS Gaming. In addition, the post mentioned the arrival of the newest Evolution event, which jumpstarted last Monday, Aug. 26. This is where the harvest and taming rates, among others, are doubled. Players are also getting double experience points thanks to this event.

Above all, a new Ark Survival Evolved summer sale is happening on Steam. The game itself is getting a whopping 51 percent discount along with the expansion Scorched Earth. It is worth noting that after this sale, the game is set to receive a price change. The studio wanted to do so in order to promote parity in their retail releases.

Part of the surprise Studio Wildcard did at E3 is the arrival of a new map called Ragnarok. This brand new Ark Survival Evolved map is a result of the studio's sponsored mod program. It is currently available on Steam for PC players to acquire. As for the release of the game's console version, this remains to be unknown, as reported by Express.

Ark Survival Evolved has been an Early Access darling for nearly two years now. Players have long hoped for its completion, thus the E3 announcement was met with praises. The studio did not specify any possible changes to the game, but they promised that they will continue to improve its overall gameplay experience.

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