Camilla Parker Hates Meghan Markle? Reportedly Warned Actress Not To Marry Prince Harry

It has not been that long since it was revealed that American actress Meghan Markle was dating the public figure and member of the British royal family, Prince Harry. The two may have confirmed their relationship but it seems like not everyone is pleased.

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle confirmed their rumored relationship, the world went wild and paparazzi endlessly flocked them especially the actress since she can be accessed easier. She has been the butt of harmless jokes of her co-stars in “Suits” but all is well. Recently, there are rumors going on that Prince Harry and Markle are reportedly planning to get married soon.

The rumors sprang up when people and press started noticing a simple golden band around Markle’s finger. According to reports, this was another one of Prince Harry’s gifts and she is has been bragging about it on set, even making sure that she puts it on as soon as her shoot is over. The marriage rumors sparked another set of rumors, telling that Camilla Parker actually does not want Prince Harry tying the knot with Markle.

Camilla Parker married Charles, Prince of Wales years after the passing of Princess Diana, mother of Prince William and Prince Harry. According to Yahoo! Be, Camilla reportedly met up with Markle in Toronto when the former was in Canada for a short trip. It revealed that Prince Harry’s stepmother was not a fan of the American actress and warned her not to marry her stepson.

The said scoop included a statement from a palace insider, claiming that Camilla never approved of Prince Harry and Markle’s relationship. The insider added that if the marriage pushes through, the royal stepmother will be doing her best to make the actress's life difficult. The insider explained that Camilla did not think that Markle was a great partner for Prince Harry and was not keen on welcoming her into the royal family.

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