Meet Airbar, This $99 Gadget Instantly Converts A MacBook Air Into A Touchscreen Computer

There is a major feature missing on Apple computers.  Unlike other premium desktops, Macs are spared from the thrills of a touchscreen as Mac users have not experienced the fun and advantages of a touchscreen computer computers and MacBooks. The saddest fact is Apple hasn’t even hinted the release of any touchscreen MacBooks.

Now, Apple users can also experience touch screen on their Macbook. In the recent update, Neonode has introduced Airbar that can instantly convert the whole Macbook air screen into a touchscreen display. In terms of design, Neonode made this as simple as possible, physically it looks like a stick with a USB chord.

According to BGR, Airbar is compatible with a 13.3-inch MacBook air. Users need to attach the stick beneath the display with the magnets and connect the USB cable to the computer. The built in infrared scanner starts to read the whole display once it is turned on.

Airbar allows users to poke, swipe, scroll, double-tap, pinch to zoom or do whatever else they want to do manipulate the content of the screen. Users can touch the screen with any objects, as it works on the scanning techniques. Apart from fingers, users can also touch with gloves, blunt side of pens and even a paintbrush.

Right now, Airbar is only available for 13.3” MacBook Air notebook version but it is expected soon that Neonode would release same gadget for another brand. In terms of accessibility, it runs on plug-n-play feature and users don’t need to install any drivers to make it operational. The most important fact about this gadget is its ultra friendly price.  Neonode is offered at the best deal of only $99. So, why spend thousands of dollars to get a new touchscreen laptop, while a MacBook air can be converted into a touchscreen notebook in a jiffy at an affordable price tag.

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