This is how your iOS 7 home screen may look like

By Sumit Passary , Jun 03, 2013 08:40 AM EDT

It's barely a few days before Apple announces the launch of the much-awaited mobile operating system, iOS 7. The speculated features of the upcoming operating system are building up and now a leaked image shows how the home screen of iOS 7 may look like.

The leaked image comes courtesy of iDownloadBlog which reports "Our friend Sonny Dickson got his hands on a blurry screenshot showing the Home screen of an iPhone running iOS 7."  

The leaked image of iOS 7's home screen seems to be running on an iPhone, probably on iPhone 4 or 4S as the display screen has only five rows of icons unlike the six rows found on the iPhone 5. The blurry image has also been re-created by designer Surenix which gives us a clearer picture of how the display screen may look like.

If the picture is to be believed then the gloss effect of the icons will not be seen in iOS 7. Apple first introduced the gloss effect when the first iPhone OS was launched.

The Weather icon seems to have received a change with the static '73 degrees' missing from the icon. The static 73 degree on the weather icon may confuse some iOS users who may think the Weather app icon reflects current weather.

The Phone icon has also been modified with the diagonal stripe now missing. "While we can't really tell from the leaked screenshots, Sonny Dickson tells us he is very confident he saw a 'more plain' Phone app icon, without the diagonal stripes. This was also confirmed from another source who called the Phone and Messages app icon 'all flat' on iOS 7," reports iDownloadBlog.  

The Camera icon has also seen a minor change, which now has a slightly bigger lens size.

iFans who have hoped for major changes to iOS 7's icons will be disappointed as the changes made to the home icons seems to be very subtle and may get over-looked by many customers.

Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is just a few days from now where Apple is expected to launch iOS 7. Till then, we will have to take the rumors and leaked pictures of the operating system with a pinch of salt. 

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