SanDisk Unveils The World’s Largest Ever 400GB microSD Card

By Harsh Soni , Sep 01, 2017 02:21 PM EDT
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SanDisk has released the world's highest capacity microSD card till date. The card is of the whopping capacity of 400GB. The 400GB SanDisk microSDXC Ultra UHS-I card is targeted at mobile users who have a lot of data to store on their smartphones, including high-res photos and videos. The card is priced for $250, which is worth this much storage in the tiny memory card.

The 400GB SanDisk microSDXC Ultra UHS-I card comes about a year after SanDisk previously broke records by creating a 256GB microSD card, which was the world's fastest of its size. This time around, this new Class 10 microSD card looks pretty robust, as it is water, shock, temperature, and even X-ray proof, as reported by CNET.

The new 400GB SanDisk microSDXC Ultra UHS-I card is ideal for Android smartphone users and can hold up to 40 hours of Full HD video. The transfer times are faster too, with a read speed of 100 MB/s, which are about 1,200 5MB photos per minute.

The 400GB SanDisk microSDXC Ultra UHS-I card is also said to load apps faster. 400GB SanDisk microSDXC Ultra UHS-I card monster card has technical side that the 400GB card can transfer files at up to 100MB/s, is classified as a SDXC UHS-I card, and is rated as an App Performance Class A1 device, which means that 400GB SanDisk microSDXC Ultra UHS-I card will run apps well, as reported by The Verge.

The 400GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card is coming with a 10-year warranty and SD adapter, for using it as a standard SD card. The biggest memory capacity microSD card in the world is readily available to grab on the SanDisk website and through retailers such as B&H for the price tag of $250. However, this price tag is worth for the 400GB memory storage.

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