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Xbox Pointing the Way to a Discless Future

By Staff Reporter , Apr 25, 2019 09:53 AM EDT

It's around about that time when Xbox fans get excited- just when there's news of a new one on its way. In fact, it will be here prior to E3 2019. We're not even talking about the Xbox 2, or whatever Microsoft has in store for the name of its next high-profile gaming product. What we're referring to here is the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

Of course, we're living in a word where instant gratification is the order of the day and we expect things immediately and with as little effort as possible. That explains the popularity of videoslots on sites such as Norges Automaten. Then there are other online games like Pokemon Go and Fortnite that were not only popular but took the world by storm. So while there will be some detractors to the move by Microsoft, it's likely that console users will become used to the change sooner rather than later.

Reaching the inevitable

Yes, that's right. No physical media, such as disks. This will be 100% digital i.e. all download based. While this may seem sudden for some, the fact is that we've been going down the road of a discless gaming future for some time now. While others may be surprised, there are plenty who aren't, and it was in recognising the latter which prompted Microsoft to make the move now rather than later. That doesn't necessarily mean that they're jumping for joy over it but a defence for physical media has been made for so long that, for gamers, it's become something of a tired old argument.

Other than for a collector's passion for owning physical discs, the modern version of games distribution has rendered them obsolete. At one time, we enjoyed nothing more than inserting a game in a console and playing it as soon as we took it out of its box. Now, there will inevitably be a three-hour, 20GB downloadable patch, a "day one" fix for any bugs that were missed by the developers prior to the shipping deadline.

Digital advantages

There are a number of advantages that come with digital distribution, of course, no mattter whether we're talking Xbox One or PS4. For one, a pre-order can be pre-loaded onto the console before the release date so that users can play as soon as it's released.

A player can also go from one game and on the next without having to rise from their seat to change disks. And for small developers, it will help them stay within budget, as they won't have to spend as much to get their products out there. Unfortunately, for the gamer, they won't be spending any less on their digital games, and, if anything, will be spending more. Digital discounts are common, however, so there's that. Whether gamers will be happy to pay the same price for what will cost developers less, or choose an alternative means of gaming such as Videoslots, remains to be seen.

Game Pass is key

There's been a long-held conversation revolving around a discless Xbox console. In fact, rumours have stretched as far back as when the Xbox One itself was released. However, in 2013, neither Microsoft's services or its audience were prepared for the change. Now they now appear ready to accept it, with some perhaps going as far as embracing it.

The key to this is Microsoft's Xbox Games Pass. For what amounts to a fair monthly cost, gamers can access around 200 Xbox One titles and immediately download them. With this comes the promise that any future 1st-party Microsoft games will be available via Game Pass on the very same day they hit the stores.

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