Xbox One X Has Better Hardware Than PS4 Pro But Has One Major Problem

Stephen Viljoen, game director of Slightly Mad Studios, discussed the new Xbox One X, which he labeled as a "great piece of hardware." He revealed that they made the console to work faster and they also put additional stuff in the core. However, despite sporting a better hardware than that of PS4 Pro, analysts foresee one major problem.

The game director talked about the exceptional abilities of the new Xbox One X. He bragged that it would definitely make a performance leap against the PS4 Pro.  Viljoen told Trusted Reviews that the new console is one great kind of hardware that gamers would love. He said games would surely appear better on Xbox One X than on other rival consoles in the market today. Although he also mentioned it could look well on a high-end PC, he also stressed that the game is still limited on PC.

Their engine is "scalable," the director noted. They were able to optimize the settings for the upcoming platform.  The game boss was hesitant to reveal more details. However, he also teased that the upcoming Xbox One X would have higher sliders, compared to PS4 Pro.

Gamers know that all the same games would play on both platforms. However, Viljoen also said that players would notice the significant improvement, simply because the new console has a "better hardware."

Meanwhile, the Xbox One X is the turbocharged 4K machine from Microsoft to rival Sony's PS4 Pro. Despite being a powerful machine, analysts are not confident with the market share of the upcoming console, which would pose one major problem.

Video game analyst Michael Pachter, from Wedbush Securities, predicted the price of the upcoming machine would be the culprit in the low market share. The Xbox One X would come out with a $500 price tag, which is a hundred-dollar higher than the PS4 Pro. It also appears to be double the price of its sibling, Xbox One S and its competitor, PS4.

Check out below video and see how Pachter argues about the price disadvantage of the upcoming Xbox One X.

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